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WEAll is recruiting: Implementation Lead (maternity cover)

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Published on September 29, 2023

Job Description
WEAll Implementation Lead

Application deadline: 22nd October 2023 at 23:59 UK time

The role

Europe is at a pivotal moment with the European Union recognising the need to shift to a Wellbeing Economy and the European Parliament recently holding a large Beyond Growth Conference

WEAll is working with partner organisations to build a Wellbeing Economy across the European Union and beyond, advocating for the urgency to take a systemic, holistic approach that places human and planetary wellbeing at the heart of its decision-making processes and structurally moves away from an economic system driven by GDP growth. Acknowledging that our extractivist system is no longer fit for purpose and is fuelling extreme inequality, we are working to challenge practices and norms based on colonial foundations.  

The Implementation Lead position is a fantastic opportunity for a person who is keen to promote the need for economic system change and strengthen the movement for a Wellbeing Economy in Europe and beyond. The focus of the role is to take the lead on WEAll’s strategic approach to Europe as a geographic region and to work with partner organisations to deliver EU-focused projects. The role also involves contributing to and delivering WEAll’s global work to build the capacity of policymakers everywhere to be Wellbeing Economy champions.

We are looking for a proactive and highly motivated individual with demonstrable skills in engaging with a broad range of groups, including civil society organisations, policymakers and movements. This position will allow the post holder to connect with stakeholders working to transition to a Wellbeing Economy and to support the move from theory to practice by making the ideas needed for economic systems change actionable. Due to the nature of our small, flat-structured charity, the successful applicant must also be adaptable, good at self-management, and able to turn their hand to a range of tasks and projects as required.

Key activities and deliverables

    • Support and strengthen the movement for a Wellbeing Economy at the European Union level, including playing a leadership role in the EU Wellbeing Economy coalition in collaboration with the Knowledge Co-Lead
    • Work with partner organisations on a Beyond Growth EU project including the design and delivery of strategic workshops, joint advocacy work and strategic communications
    • Working with MERGE project consortium partners and WEAll’s Knowledge Co-Lead to contribute to mapping and network building of EU policy landscape, and planning of policy deep dive sessions
    • Coordinate WEAll’s strategic approach to Europe as a geographic region and work with Europe-based WEAll hubs and members, including supporting hubs with fundraising where appropriate
    • Lead the Wellbeing Economy Policymakers training alongside the Knowledge Co-Lead and our partners, including the co-creation and delivery of policy design training materials. This project is global in scope. 
    • Co-lead, with the Knowledge Co-Lead and our partners, the global Wellbeing Economy Policymakers Network by building, supporting and maintaining a network of policymakers passionate about transitioning to a Wellbeing Economy at a global level
    • Provide support for the Scottish Policymakers Network coordinated by WEAll Scotland, and any other local networks that may be established 
    • Contribute to the development of the Wellbeing Economy Governments (WEGo) engagement strategy and WEAll’s relationship with WEGo members where relevant.

Skills and Experience

Essential skills

  • Ability to engage and build relationships with a broad range of stakeholders, especially policymakers, civil society organisations and movements, demonstrating an established professional network within the EU civil society and/or policy space 
  • Mediation and hosting/facilitation skills, including the ability to design and facilitate large workshops 
  • Good knowledge of EU policies and understanding of the structure of EU institutions 
  • Knowledge of policy processes and experience engaging with policymakers
  • Excellent verbal communication and writing skills
  • Fluent in English
  • Understanding of and interest in the need for transformation of the economic system
  • Understanding of Wellbeing Economy ideas and concepts
  • Experience working in multicultural environments and/or initiatives

Preferred skills

  • Proficiency in other languages (particularly French or German)
  • Professional experience in a purpose-driven organisation working for behavioural, policy or other positive change
  • Experience working with individuals and groups from diverse backgrounds, including from different cultures and territories
  • Degree or qualification in relevant subject(s)

Who we are

The Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEAll) is a collaboration of organisations, alliances, movements, thinkers, and changemakers from around the world who are committed to transforming our economic system to deliver social and ecological wellbeing. 

WEAll emerged out a recognition that the economic transformation we seek cannot be brought about by any single entity on its own. It requires collaboration, inspiration, sharing, and especially co-creation. Our aim is not to micro-manage the change. We aim to galvanise and support new “power bases” from the local to the global level, which can illustrate that a different economic system is not only possible but is already underway. 

Our strategy

To date, WEAll has focused on connecting, convening, and amplifying the incredible work happening within the Wellbeing Economy movement. We have been working both locally with communities and globally with each other, to connect, collaborate and uplift the voices of all those who seek to restructure the current economic system.

Central to WEAll’s strategy is the policy pillar which works to advocate and support governments to design and implement policies needed for a Wellbeing Economy. Our aim is to move beyond the standard critique of the current economic system by presenting a positive alternative grounded in research, theory, and practice. Moreover, WEAll seeks not only to explore and make accessible the “what” a Wellbeing Economy looks like but critically develop resources and materials to practically support the “how”, such as the policy design guide (in English and Spanish), co-produced with the WEAll membership and freely available to private and public sector decision-makers.

Recognising that not only different policies are needed, but policymaking needs to be done differently, WEAll has been partnering with the ZOE Institute to connect and support visionary policymakers around the world who are interested in learning more about how to develop and champion Wellbeing Economy policies. Currently, our global policymakers network has over 40 participants, while the Wellbeing Economy Governments Partnership (WEGo) initiated by WEAll is now composed of six governments, including a G7 country.

What the WEAll global team offers

An opportunity to work with a passionate team committed to accelerating economic system change and which holds fast to a set of dedicated values: Togetherness, Care, Trust, Equality, and Passion, through a flat organisational structure. This is WEAll’s core ‘amplification’ (Amp) team

WEAll recently became an accredited Living Wage Employer in the UK, and Ontario, Canada, reflecting our commitment and responsibility towards our team. In addition, we worked with relevant organisations across all other locations where we operate to ensure we meet the respective requirements, regardless of the accreditation process. 

Start date: 22nd of January 2024
Remuneration: £51,100 annually (equivalent to €56, 210)
Location: Preferably in Brussels or within easy reach of Brussels. The role will be home-based and we support and provide additional remuneration for team members to work in co-working spaces.
Contract length: Fixed-term contract for 13 months (late January 2024 – late February 2025)
Hours of work: 32 hours per week (full-time)

The nature of this role is that flexibility in hours is required. For example, there will be some evening work, and need to accommodate meetings with other time zones, plus occasional travel (primarily, but not limited, to Brussels, if the successful application is based elsewhere). Equally, WEAll offers flexibility. As WEAll has transitioned to a four-day working week, the contracted hours will be 32 hours per week, which can be worked on a flexible basis. Please note that WEAll does not officially operate on Fridays. Also, please note that this is not pro-rata, but rather 32 hours for the advertised remuneration. 

Application Process

As an organisation, we are working to reduce unconscious bias in our recruitment processes and increase diversity of all kinds in our team. With this goal in mind, we will be conducting an anonymised application process, where the names and personal details of applicants will not be shared with the panel who will be assessing and shortlisting applications.

As part of this process, we are asking applicants to complete this application form to help us gain a better understanding of your relevant skills, motivation, and proposed approach to this role.

If you have any questions or if you feel you could succeed in this role but don’t have all the characteristics we’re looking for, please get in touch with Anna Chrysopoulou, Operations Lead,

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