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EU Wellbeing Economy Coalition Vision Statement

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Published on May 08, 2023

By Lisa Hough-Stewart

For the past two years, WEAll has been collaborating with members and partners focused on influencing the European Union through an informal coalition. 

The Institute for European Environmental Policy and the ZOE Institute for Future-fit Economies founded the EU Wellbeing Economy Coalition, to foster civil society collaboration and help move policy beyond economic growth towards a wellbeing economy. It includes NGOs, think tanks, and trade union organisations: a diverse group with a shared vision of building a Wellbeing Economy at EU level.

Today, the EU Wellbeing Economy coalition is going public and launching our vision for an economic system in Europe focused on meeting the fundamental needs and rights of all. 


Next week, over 2000 people will participate in the Beyond Growth conference at the European Parliament. This groundbreaking conference is being hosted by a cross-party group of MEPs and it represents a significant opportunity to move towards a Wellbeing Economy.

As the EU Wellbeing Economy Coalition, we strongly believe that the European Union should place human and planetary wellbeing at the heart of its decision-making processes and structurally move away from an economic system driven by GDP growth. 

Our vision is a system built around the WEAll Needs, five core interconnected values: participation, fairness, purpose, nature and dignity. 

To build a wellbeing economy across the EU, we need to take a systemic, holistic approach and realise transformational shifts to deliver: 


  1. Transparent and democratic institutions that enable meaningful participation of diverse stakeholders throughout decision-making processes and policy implementation. 
  2. Thriving and inclusive organised civil society and trade union movements that encourage active citizenship at all levels. 


  1. Employment that delivers economic democracy, purpose and the means for a decent livelihood, with safe and healthy working conditions for people. 
  2. Global trade, taxation and financial policies that provide equal opportunities, rights, power, and the fair distribution of wealth within society, between countries and across generations. 
  3. Well-resourced justice system that guarantees independent judiciary, rule of law and access to justice for all. 


  1. Policy design, implementation and evaluation prioritising human and planetary wellbeing. 
  2. Business models with social and environmental purpose placed at the heart of their mission and work. 


  1. Decarbonised, dematerialised, circular and non-toxic economy. 
  2. Restoration of ecosystems and resources, and the halting of biodiversity loss. 
  3. Healthy relationship between people and planet, providing the foundation for people’s physical and mental health. 


  1. Fundamental human rights of all people are respected and everyone is able to live a dignified life in comfort, health, safety and happiness. 
  2. Public services are prevention-led and resilient to environmental, economic, political and health crises, accessible to all.

Read the vision statement in full here

(For other languages such as French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, or Catalan click here)

On an ongoing basis, the EU Wellbeing Economy coalition members collaborate by:

  • Sharing knowledge, intelligence and expertise;
  • Amplifying the individual impacts of our members;
  • Advocating together towards EU decision makers.

The coalition supports each other in advising and influencing EU policymakers to design coherent policies that have an impact on the wellbeing of people. Moreover, the coalition serves as a sounding board for initiatives that aim to move the EU agenda towards the wellbeing economy and support coordination of activities. By sharing knowledge and expertise and aligning activities and strategies, the coalition amplifies the individual impact of its members.

If you would like to find out more about the coalition or apply to be part of it, contact Agata Meysner at and Christiny Miller at

This vision statement is endorsed (so far) by:

  • All Policies For a Healthy Europe
  • Climate Action Network (CAN)
  • EuroHealthNet
  • European Health Futures Forum
  • European Policy Centre
  • European Youth Forum
  • Friends of the Earth Europe
  • Generation Climate Europe
  • Institute for European Environmental Policy
  • Seas At Risk
  • The Club of Rome
  • The Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEAll)
  • WWF 
  • ZOE Institute for Future-Fit Economies

Download the vision statement in other languages here. 

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