The Alliance for Sustainability and Prosperity (ASAP), who had been advising the King and Government of Bhutan, and a US based group, Leading for Wellbeing, with strong business and faith connections agree to merge.

The New Economy and Social Innovation Forum (NESI) holds a gathering in Spain with over  700 people and 40 organisations and movements, many with strong Latin American and European Connections.

Oxfam researcher and an academic based at the University of Pretoria catalyse a group of governments to work together on wellbeing economy policies.

Out of these sparks, leaders of these organisations meet in Loch Fyne and agree to merge efforts and WEAll is born with many ‘mothers’.

Governments of Scotland, Costa Rica, Slovenia and New Zealand gather at Adam Smith’s original home in Edinburgh, hosted by Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister of Scotland, and discussions begin around a Wellbeing Economy Government Partnership (WEGo).


WEAll oficially founded with the goal of being a 10-year project to connect new economy thinkers, activists and practitioners and accelerate a transition into a Wellbeing Economy.

The Amp team is formed with six team members.

40 organisations join our membership from the start.

Inaugural meeting is held in Malaga, Spain.

WEAll launch event and media stunt in New York to mark ten years since the financial crash.

WEGo is announced, with Scotland, New Zealand, Wales, and Iceland participating.

WEAll and its members support open letter campaign calling on the EU to go Beyond GDP, covered by the Guardian.

WEAll Scotland Hub is WEAll’s first hub to launch.


First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon gives her iconic TED Talk on why governments should prioritise wellbeing.

WEAll launches its Citizens Platform for open collaboration on Wellbeing Economy ideas and projects.

WEAll participates in the New Economy and Social Innovation Forum (NESI).

WEAll Hubs are initiated in California, Costa Rica, Cymru-Wales, Canada and Aotearoa-New Zealand.

WEAll Youth is initiated.


First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon speaks at WEAll’s  ‘Wealth of Nations’ conference in Edinburgh and praises the work of WEAll.

WEAll launches the Business of Wellbeing Guide.

WEAll Hubs are initiated in the Netherlands, Mendoza, Denmark, Ireland and East Africa.

WEAll launches a series of policy briefs on Build Back Better covid recovery co-authored by members around the world.

Finland joins WEGo.


WEAll launches the Wellbeing Economy Policy Design Guide and the Failure Demand report.

WEAll launches Stories for Life and relaunches the Happy Planet Index.

WEAll and FiiS held the Common Ground Festival during COP26 in Glasgow.

WEAll Amp Team transitions to a four-day week.

WEAll is awarded the World Happiness Award.

WEAll Hubs are initiated in Brazil, Australia and Iberia.


Canada engages fully with the Wellbeing Economy Government Partnership (WEGo).

WEAll announces its 2040 strategy.

WEAll is awarded the Award for the Betterment of Human Conditions.

WEAll Hubs are initiated in Puerto Rico, Sweden, Vermont and Buenos Aires Hubs.

WEAll Scotland convenes a panel of WEGo countries and young people at its third Wealth of Nations 2.0 conference.

WEAll co-hosts an official side event at the UN Stockholm+50 conference with government ministers.

WEAll has over 350 member organisations globally at year end.

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