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  1. vicky moller
    vicky moller says:

    community land reunion. Grwp working on restoring access to land to those wanting to grow.
    This week visited a stunning 2.5 acres overlooking a town in Pembs, offered for allotments by a land owner who visited one of our allotment open days and was inspired to offer his spare fields. Next week 15 allotment hopefuls plan to visit it and if all goes well the work starts from there.
    Today visited woods and orchard in need of care on edge of another main town. Bumped into young people in bad straits, and we are arranging to meet them there so they can help clear the undergrowth and take back their land, use nature as their healing fix.
    This weekend Dezza’s cabin celebrate the reopening of the community hall they have just been given. Theirs is the story to end all destroyed to heroes stories. A Palestinian who heard it could not sleep all night for pity and horror. I keep trying to get them to go green. eg worried the food would not be healthy enough. I failed to find healthy food to bring to the event. The organiser spoke to me today, ‘Dont worry, Claire has taken her food hygiene one and two and all her cakes are vegan, she is now vegetaria. You see we do listne to you even if we dont seem to”. Actually I am not vegan or veggie, but they took the healthy food message their way, Trust we must.

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