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WEAll Weekly Update – July 9

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Published on July 08, 2021

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As part of our work to amplify the important work in the Wellbeing Economy movement, these WEAll Weekly Update blogs will share some of the latest and greatest updates from our membership and beyond. Please use the comment box to share any relevant updates from this week and keep the conversation going!

Weekly Reads

Pathways to good work: toolkit for community organisations

“Work that is decent and fair is crucial to creating a motivated and skilled workforce that is empowered to deliver high quality services and to innovate.”

A New Economics to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals – by Marcello Hernández-Blanco  and Robert Costanza

“The Anthropocene” has been proposed as the new geological epoch in which we now live. We have left behind the Holocene, an epoch of stable climate conditions that permitted the development of human civilization.”

Open Letter: A Strong EU Renewed Sustainable Finance Strategy

“This July, we therefore expect to see the European Commission’s Renewed Sustainable Finance Strategy
propose strong instruments and laws to achieve the necessary change”

European Commission: Economic Policy-Making Beyond GDP: An Introduction

“Although GDP remains central to much of the European Commission’s economic analysis and communication, several steps have been taken over the last decade to acknowledge the ‘beyond GDP’ agenda and lay the groundwork for the collection and publication of new data on relevant variables that are not captured by GDP alone”

Silver-Spoon Oligarchs – Inequality.org

“There are several reasons we should be concerned about the formation of inherited wealth dynasties and the larger hidden wealth-preservation system that makes them possible”

Socio-economic conditions for satisfying human needs at low energy use: An international analysis of social provisioning. – Jefim Vogel, Julia K.Steinberger, Daniel W. O’Neill, William F. Lamb, Jaya Krishnakumar

“Here, we assess which socio-economic conditions might enable societies to satisfy human needs at low energy use, to reconcile human well-being with climate mitigation.”


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