The WEAll Membership is responding to the current situation with their knowledge, expertise, communities and networks collaborations. WEAll want to gather them all and share them with you so you can join and be part of those responses.

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Presencing Institute GAIA Journey Ongoing online events
BCorps Brasil Interconnected Website
BWomen Dialogues Webinars
Now What? 2020 Now What? Participative events
Ecological Civilization Webinar The most important lessons from COVID-19
MTArt Agency Studios DIALS-in Inspirational videos from their artists
WEAll – Katherine Trebeck Build Back Better First published on Bella Caledonia
Post Growth Institute 10 steps for rebalancing our world during times of crisis
Post Growth Institute РDonnie Maclurcan 10 pasos para re-equilibrar nuestro mundo durante tiempos de crisis
r3.0 – Bill Baue & Ralph Thurm What’s at Stake: Flatten the curve to respect Carrying Capicity
Research Fellow – Kristin Vala Ragnarsdottir How Iceland is already using its wellbeing framework in tackling the COVID-19 crisis
WEAll – Amanda Janno & Gemma Bone Dodd The Great Pause Originally published by Open Democracy
GABV Covid-19 Best Practices and news Links to the wide response from GABV & its banks
Social Value UK Open Discussions / Webinars Weekly Open Discussions / Webinars
Social Value Social Value Always Matters Series Recorded regular Interviews with different individuals about why social value, wellbeing and tackling inequality
NewCities The Big Rethink Live discussions on Cities
Local Futures Helena Norberg Hodge Public Event Webinar April 9th
Kate Raworth Coronavirus crisis through the lens of Doughnut Economics Video Blogs
CUSP What will the world be like after coronavirus? 4 possible futures Blog by Simon Mair
Social Enterprise World Forum Global Social Enterprise response to Coronavirus Website with structural and community responses
Post Growth Institute Clarity at this Crucial Moment Webinar
Tax Justice Network Series of blogs about the role of tax systems in the Covid-19 crisis. Blogs
European Youth Forum #Separatedbutunited – acting in solidarity Campaign to showcase all the critical initiatives youth organisations and young people are taking in Europe and beyond
Open Democracy – Julia Steinberger Pandenomics: a story of life versus growth Blog
Andrew Winston COVID-19, Climate, and the clean economy: Gigatrends Changing the World Free Webinar
WEAll Ambassador Lebohang Liepollo COVID and the Global Common Recession Recorded Webinar
CUSP – Peter Victor The journey not the destination: A carbon budget simulator Blog
CUSP – Will Davis The holiday of exchange value Blog
Nicole Henke – WEAll NZ Hub Impact Unconference Virtual Event
Network of Wellbeing – Shamash Alidina Resilience and Wellbeing in times of rapid change Webinar
Ashish Kothari – GTA Covid-19 – A potential opening for Just Transitions? Webinar
GRLI We are here, now Blog
GRLI – John North Management Education in a Disrupted World Blog
Capital Institute – John Fullerton A multisystemic response to COVID-19 Blog
Tax Justice Network La Lucha contra el Coronavirus Spanish Podcast
David Suzuki Foundation – David Suzuki & Yannick Beaudoin Economics should reflect what really matters Blog
Democracy Collaborative – Joe Guinan & Sarah McKinley Owning the Future: After COVID-19, a new era of community wealth building Paper
Post Growth Institute How to run a virtual Offers & Needs Market? Free Training
Swedish Organisation for Global Health COVID-19 SOGH page on updates on their activities related to the current Covid-19 pandemic
Dirk Philipsen Private gain must no longer be allowed to elbow out the public good Blog
Sistema B Interdependencia-20 Website
El Buen Vivir Por una salida Yin del COVID-19 Website
CUSP – Graeme Hayes Disobedience, Protest and the Pandemic Blog
Local Futures World Localization Day Event
Post Growth Institute Offers & Needs Market Facilitator Training Event 
Promoting Economic Pluralism Festival for Change Event
Promoting Economic Pluralism The digital economy: A COVID winner but for whom? Webinar
SURF Showcasing Community Resilience in Scotland Interactive Map
CCEDNet Sector Recommendations for the recovery & post-COVID economy Blog
Social Enterprise Mark CIC Our response to the COVID-19 crisis Website
CCEDNet CCEDNet’s Advocacy in Response to COVID-19 Blog
New Economy Network of Austrlia – NENA Beyond Crisis – building a socially just and ecologically flourishing society Online webinars
Well Being Trust Thriving Together: A Springboard for Equitable Recovery & Resilience in Communities Across America Springboard of solutions and ideas
Institute for Global Prosperity Soundbites and Director’s Seminars: Post-Covid Recovery in the UK Public events
Institute for Global Prosperity We urgently need new tools to measure economic recovery after coronavirus Blog

Policy Trackers

A number of policies and actions are being trialled and implemented by governments around the world in response to the COVID-19 crisis and it’s impact on society and economies.
Below are some of the projects that aim to track the implementation of these policies and actions.
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University of Oxford / OxCGRT
Multiple Contributors
Resolution Foundation