Mobilization Lead

Ulric currently serves as a performance coach and concurrently helms a data science start-up. He is largely preoccupied with understanding what makes humans and systems tick, and is looking to understand how best to assist ventures from the traditional economy model align and inch towards becoming one that embraces the well-being economy. He can at times be found intentionally lost within the woods across various mountainous regions across Asia. Operating between Singapore and China, Ulric is conversant in both English and Mandarin.

As the Mobilization Lead, Ulric is responsible for the facilitation of WEAll Youth engagement and networking efforts as well as the development of local WEAll Youth Hubs across the globe.

“There is a place to trade perspectives and a place for action. WEAll Youth provides the network and capacity to do both. To build on your understanding of the well-being economy or to take action and align it with existing policies and measures for a concerted effect, we are able to take deliberate actions which translates concepts into reality.”

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