Communication Lead

Mara has done her BBA in Global Project and Change Management in the Netherlands and is continuing to study in her home country, Germany, for her masters. She enjoys music, playing, listening and dancing to it. Whenever she has time, Mara enjoys going to the gym and travelling the world. In addition to English, Mara also speaks German and Spanish.

As the Communication Lead, Mara is the most likely the first person you will talk to. She responds to emails, takes care of requests and connects you to the right people in our network.

“A stable economic system is the base for a prosperous society, but with our current systems, we seem to hinder any work done for a more equal, clean and healthy planet. I see the work on new economies as an essential part for our generation to take matters in our own hands and make a difference! If we young people work together as the WEAll Youth movement we gain the exposure and means to take action and start to make a change.”

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