Wellbeing Economy in Europe

Momentum is building across Europe around Wellbeing Economy ideas, particularly at the European Union level. WEAll has been collaborating with members, partners and European WEAll hubs to advocate for a transition to a Wellbeing Economy in Europe.


WEAll was also a civil society partner of the Beyond Growth Conference that took place at the European Parliament in May 2023.

EU Wellbeing Economy Coalition

Since 2021, WEAll has been collaborating with members and partners focused on influencing the European Union through an informal coalition.

The Institute for European Environmental Policy and the ZOE Institute for Future-fit Economies founded the EU Wellbeing Economy Coalition to foster civil society collaboration and help move policy beyond economic growth towards a Wellbeing Economy. The Coalition includes NGOs, think tanks, and trade union organisations – a diverse group with a shared vision of building a Wellbeing Economy at EU level.

In May 2023, the EU Wellbeing Economy Coalition went public and launched its vision for an economic system in Europe focused on meeting the fundamental needs and rights of all.

Our vision is a system built around the WEAll Needs, five core interconnected values: participation, fairness, purpose, nature and dignity.

The following month, we published a Discussion Paper exploring ten policy areas in more depth, with practical ideas for EU policymakers to take forward.

400+ experts call for wellbeing economy

A post-growth Europe critical to survive and thrive, urge over 400 civil society groups and experts

Authored by: Timothée Parrique, Kate Raworth, Vincent Liegey, Friends of the Earth Europe, EEB, European Youth Forum, Wellbeing Economy Alliance


As political leaders gather for a second conference at the European Parliament on how to move “beyond growth”, over 400 academics and civil society organisations, have signed an open letter presenting their vision for economic system change in Europe and beyond.



The Precedented Times (newspaper of the future)

Found at the Beyond Growth 2023 conference at the European Parliament: A newspaper describing an entirely possible world 10 years from now…

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