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Bringing Wellbeing Economy Policy Design to life – reflections from the WEAll hub pilots

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Published on October 12, 2022

Since September 2021, four WEAll hubs in California, Canada, New Zealand and Scotland have been piloting the Wellbeing Economy Policy Design process in partnership with local communities and local government. The pilot phase of their work to transform policymaking is coming to an end – but this is a long-term, complex work that will continue in all four locations.

Throughout the pilot projects, the four teams have been collaborating with the WEAll Global team and our partners at ZOE Institute for Future-fit Economies to document shared and individual learnings. Based on the experiences of the pilots, over 15 new resources and templates have been developed to support others around the world who want to carry out similar projects to transform policymaking in specific locations.

On Tuesday, 15 November, we will launch a brand new website which showcases these new resources and also takes people on an interactive journey through the Policy Design Guide process.

Join us to hear from the four hub teams about their experiences and what is coming next for their projects, and to be amongst the first to experience the new website and resources.

Event details:

Tuesday 15 November 

2.30-3.30pm UTC time

Please register on zoom in advance of the meeting

About the pilots

  • In Pomona, California, the WEAll team is working in partnership with local community organisation Latino Latina Roundtable and city officials to carry out visioning work for what a Wellbeing Economy means for the city. They have progressed to an exploration of what a Community Wealth Building initiative could look like.
  • In Toronto, Canada, a core group of individuals representing diverse communities in the city has been on a deep-dive journey to envision a Wellbeing Economy future for Toronto and explore system change theory. They are experimenting with Wellbeing Economy outreach initiatives in their various communities and will publish stories from these before 15 November in a brand new “zine”.
  • In Porirua, Aotearoa New Zealand, the WEAll hub has been working with community partners including Indigenous Maori tribe organisations, to share learnings and good practice around Wellbeing Economy concepts. They will soon publish a case study showcasing the work of Te Hiko in Porirua as an exemplar of the Wellbeing Economy in action.
  • In the Letham area of Perth, Scotland, the team has established Commissions of children, adults and young people which also include decision makers and local council representatives. WEAll Scotland carried out in-depth visioning work with hundreds of children and young people about what living well in Letham would mean for them, and the Commissions are driving forward those visions by analysing how the Council can make them a reality.

You can read more about the background to the projects in this blog from April 2022.

Curious to hear more and be part of the conversation about Wellbeing Economy policy design work? We hope to see you on 15 November from 2.30pm UTC time:

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