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What’s the 8th way to think like a 21st century economist? Kate Raworth wants to hear from you

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Published on April 08, 2019

WEAll Ambassador Kate Raworth has launched a competition with Rethinking Economics looking for the 8th Way to Think Like a 21st Century Economist.

Kate Raworth’s book Doughnut Economics: seven ways to think like a 21st century economist proposes seven mindset shifts to make economics fit for addressing this century’s challenges. But many other shifts are needed too so, in order to explore them, we decided to launch a competition based on this challenge:

They’ve got a fantastic panel of economic re-thinkers who are ready to review your entries and select the very best as winners. So get rethinking!

Find out more about the challenge and submit your idea here.

Deadline Friday 12 April at midnight UK time.

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