WEAll Youth

Wellbeing Economy Webinar Series

Published on February 15, 2022

Do you think our current economic system is not working anymore? Do you wanna learn about an alternative that puts the planet and people before profit?

We, as young people, are often led to believe that our opinions do not matter and that we need in-depth knowledge to talk about the economy and have a say in shaping our future. But that is not true! WEAll Youth (Wellbeing Economy Alliance Youth) wants to show you what a Wellbeing Economy is and how You and young people from around the world can use their voice to shape this new economic system.

Sounds interesting? Join us for the university webinar series in March 2022.

What is the Wellbeing Economy? – 02.03, 5 pm CET

What can YOUth do? – 16.02, 5 pm CET

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