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WEAll Youth’s Helene featured on ‘Ordinary People, Extraordinary Things’ podcast

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Published on January 18, 2019

WEAll Youth co-founder Helene Schnelle recently appeared on the Ordinary People, Extraordinary Things podcast. Listen here!


Helene is a university student studying change management with a focus on global issues.  She always had an interest in helping the world in a big way and soon she found an interest in being a part of the Wellbeing Economy Alliance.  Helene and her friends started WeAll Youth on their campus and on Instagram to involve young people into creating change in their local environment and the world.  Hear how she’s working to build this movement one step at a time, why she encourages people to change their mindset to take a risk to go after what they’re passionate about, why young people see themselves as global citizens and how we can all help change the world in our own way by listening to this episode.


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