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WEAll Weekly Update – June 25

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Published on June 25, 2021

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As part of our work to amplify the important work in the Wellbeing Economy movement, these WEAll Weekly Update blogs will share some of the latest and greatest updates from our membership and beyond. Please use the comment box to share any relevant updates from this week and keep the conversation going!

Weekly Reads

Open-source archive of The Leap’s operational policies and guidelines

“This page archives the policies and guidelines we created, as we struggled to build a workplace rooted in revolutionary values”

Sustainable Corporate Governance– NGO Policy Briefing

“This paper focuses on presenting recommendations on elements of sustainable corporate governance that clarify the specific responsibilities of the board to oversee sustainability but do not further address broader aspects of corporate governance”

The Senses Toolkit – Making sense of climate change scenarios for activists

“These modules help you understand and communicate climate change scenarios.

Intentional Communities and Covid– Foundation for Intentional Community

“A study of how intentional communities have responded to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2021”

Why the good society needs a wellbeing economy

“Masawa recently joined Wellbeing Economy Alliance with the goal of helping to make the shift to an economic paradigm that puts health, wellbeing, and participation at the forefront.”

Launch of Feminist Pocketbook for Human Rights Defenders

“The pocketbook is a result of years of collaboration with partner organisations in Africa and around the world and aims to give the readers hands-on tools and a resource that will help them reflect upon and adopt feminist principles and practices in their human rights work.”

What we learned at the Stories for Life Virtual Gathering – Green Economy Coalition

“What do stories and story-telling have to do with the daunting challenges we face in the coming century? Turns out, quite a lot.”

10 Real-life Prototypes for a Common Good Economy

Our new publication shows 10 international prototypes that illustrate how transformative change can happen on different levels:”

Guest column: Time for Canadians to redefine economic success

“What if we set our gaze on building an economy that delivered for more people, did so on a healthy planet and measured it all in a way that actually means something to people?”

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