WEAll Talk with David Somekh: Health and the Wellbeing Economy

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Published on September 13, 2023

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Few dispute that climate change is and will have a major impact on human health. As was indeed clearly illustrated in a recent WEAll talk from transatlantic colleagues in May of this year, ‘Why your life depends on restructuring the economy’.

However, David’s approach is slightly different, coming from a health professional background and having spent the last 20 years in the European health policy environment.

He will describe what a systems approach to health implies and from this perspective, health is not only about your wellbeing or combating illness but represents a major industry consuming a significant amount of our GDP and employing millions of people
across Europe.

Supporting a change in the current economic model, away from growth and towards the needs of society as a whole, means that we need a different approach to how our health ecosystem should or could operate.

In the second part of the talk David – a core member of the WEAll Ireland Hub – will reflect on other core issues that he and his colleagues in the European Health Futures Forum have been addressing in their work on system change in the health ecosystem and how these activities parallel and overlap with his commitment to the WEAll philosophy.

It raises questions about values and ethics in our modern society and the impact of technology on peoples’ lives and he explains the importance he places on a holistic and humanistic approach to these challenging issues.

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