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WEAll Meets Launch: Ayomide Fatunde

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Published on January 31, 2022

We’re launching a 6-episode series called WEAll Meets! For the month of February, we’ll release two short videos where our Engagement and Content Lead, Isabel Nuesse, interviews different members in our network. Each episode follows a similar format – where Isabel asks a question around how each person got interested in systems change and what gives them hope in the world.

Our launch episode features Ayomide Fatunde who is a Global Council member at WEAll.

Ayo speaks about her experience growing up in Nigeria, “You just become hyper aware of how inequitable the world is, and sort of how much luck plays a part. You see the power of where you’re born and how the type of passport you have really determines so much about your wellbeing and what you can do with your life.”

She later speaks about her being personally effected by the system and a feeling of being trapped.

“I felt really trapped by money. And, I think a lot of people feel trapped by money and this feeling of it just permeates our entire society and I think we have to free ourselves from it and that’s what our – what my work is – and also WEAll’s work – is to really free ourselves from this idea that we have to be trapped by money.”

You can watch the entire episode on our YouTube Channel here:

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