We’re launching a 6-episode series called WEAll Meets! For the month of February, we’ll release six short videos where our Engagement and Content Lead, Isabel Nuesse, interviews different members in our network. Each episode follows a similar format – where Isabel asks a question around how each person became interested in systems change and what gives them hope in the world.

Our last episode features Katherine Trebeck. Katherine is the Influencing & Advocacy Lead at WEAll and author of the brilliant book, Economics of Arrival. How did she get involved in this work? Her initial interest was peaked through the beyond GDP movement.

“The GDP lens is full of perverse incentives and it trains the gaze of policy makers on a very very narrow set of questions. It implicitly downplays other questions that are more important to life and things like the question of global injustice. Can the village (I used to live in) in Cameroon or those like it have a decent fighting chance to increase their material living standards if we don’t think about the economic models and production and consumption processes in countries like the one I’m sitting in at the moment in Scotland. We’re implicitly saying those global inequalities are going to stay embedded in the system….and I think that’s the beauty of the Wellbeing Economy agenda as it asks us to look upstream…”

She pushes for us to be bolder in answering these fundamental questions about our current economic system. And when asked how she see’s hope in the movement, Katherine adds, “It’s not as if nothing is happening, we see so many examples of a new economic system being built. The next wave where we need to put our collective shoulder into is joining them up and make them connect.”

You can watch the entire episode on our YouTube Channel here:

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