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WEAll Meets Episode 5: Robert Wanalo

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Published on February 14, 2022

We’re launching a 6-episode series called WEAll Meets! For the month of February, we’ll release six short videos where our Engagement and Content Lead, Isabel Nuesse, interviews different members in our network. Each episode follows a similar format – where Isabel asks a question around how each person became interested in systems change and what gives them hope in the world.

Our fifth episode features Robert Wanalo. Robert is deeply involved in the movement for economic systems change. As a fellow at Post Growth Institute and active member in the Bateson institute, his understanding and commitment to complex thinking is astounding.

“My experience of the past couple of years and where I find hope is realising the possibility that is there for us to open ourselves up to the learnings and the shifts of this time and to be globally present and to attend to what is possible in terms of what kind of changes can happen.”

He also comments on the paradox that the rigidity amongst the people in established systems – that hold the power to make change, are not necessarily opening themselves up to the learning that is available.

You can watch the entire episode on our YouTube Channel here:

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