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WEAll Meets Episode 4: Amanda Janoo

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Published on February 10, 2022

We’re launching a 6-episode series called WEAll Meets! For the month of February, we’ll release two short videos where our Engagement and Content Lead, Isabel Nuesse, interviews different members in our network. Each episode follows a similar format – where Isabel asks a question around how each person became interested in systems change and what gives them hope in the world.

Our third episode features WEAll’s own, Amanda Janoo. As a radical thinker and dreamer, Amanda takes us on a quick journey fighting for economic systems change and where her inspiration came from.

“To base an entirely, really important discipline on the assumption of the worst parts of ourselves and to actively think that encouraging and rewarding those parts of ourselves was somehow going to lead to a good outcome seems insane. And I maintain that it’s insane.”

Later in the episode she speaks about holding the beliefs that both everything happens for a reason and we’re master of our own destiny. Curious to learn more?

You can watch the entire episode on our YouTube Channel here:

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