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WEAll Meets Episode 3: Gary Stevenson

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Published on February 07, 2022

We’re launching a 6-episode series called WEAll Meets! For the month of February, we’ll release two short videos where our Engagement and Content Lead, Isabel Nuesse, interviews different members in our network. Each episode follows a similar format – where Isabel asks a question around how each person became interested in systems change and what gives them hope in the world.

Our third episode features Gary Stevenson speaks about his journey working in economics – and why he now advocates for shrinking the yawning inequality gap.

“If ordinary people are losing their assets and going into debt and governments are losing their assets and going into debt..where are all the assets? And who are the debts going to? That’s when I realised inequality is problem. It is the fundamental structural problem of our economy preventing a recovery. And that was in 2011.”

Learn more about how he became one of the youngest and most profitable traders at City Bank to now one of the largest advocates for systems change.

You can watch the entire episode on our YouTube Channel here:

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