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WEAll Briefing Paper: Understanding Wellbeing

Published on August 06, 2020

Want to better understand the arguments for a wellbeing economy? Change starts with knowledge. 

Today, we publish Understanding Wellbeing, the latest in our series of WEAll Briefings: Little Summaries of Big Issues.

WEAll Briefings consolidate and promote the research, theory and practice that demonstrates a wellbeing economy is possible and explores how we can get there. WEAll members, partners and collaborators help pull these together.

In this Briefing, we delve into how different communities of interest describe wellbeing and how governments use these concepts to improve lives.

Broadly speaking, the perspectives and models for promoting wellbeing can be categorised into three interconnected concepts: personal wellbeing, community wellbeing and societal wellbeing.

Community and societal wellbeing are more than the aggregate life satisfaction of citizens, but they cannot be said to exist in the absence of the personal life satisfaction of citizens.

Understanding Wellbeing has been written by Christopher BoyceLuca CosciemeClaire Sommer and Jennifer WallaceRead it and all other WEAll Briefings here.

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