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WEAll at NESI Global Forum 2019 – now what?

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Published on April 30, 2019

Blog by Lisa Hough-Stewart

The WEAll Amp team has just returned, elated and a little exhausted, from an amazing few days in Malaga, Spain with our members and lots of new friends.

We were part of the NESI (New Economy and Social Innovation) Global Forum, which took place from 24-26 April 2019. This international gathering of over 700 people was the perfect space for the wellbeing economy movement to come together and co-create the economic system we want to see.

At the Forum, we launched WEAll Citizens, a brand new digital platform where anyone can be part of the wellbeing economy movement. It’s a space to connect, share and take action together, and where we hope many fruitful new connections will be made. Find out more and sign up now at www.weallcitizens.org (it’s totally free!)

WEAll Development and Practice lead Michael Weatherhead took centre stage at NESI – in a kilt no less – as participants were taken in a time machine to 2030 in order to look back and see how we get from 2019 (with all its worries and fears) to a future where we can all flourish.

Attendees at NESI took part in exciting, collaborative discussions across six tracks: food, work, housing/urban, finance, energy/resources and textiles. You can see the outputs of the co-creation sessions in this fantastic digital magazine which was created in real time during the Forum: DOWNLOAD THE MAGAZINE

As well as being joined by representatives of more than 40 WEAll member organisations, the team was so excited to meet and get to know lots of new faces and projects. Our little WEAll corner was mobbed throughout the conference! There was a real buzz in the air throughout NESI and we return home feeling energised and optimistic to build a wellbeing economy together.

The question after any amazing conference or event is: “now what?”

Our friends and members Conference Weavers are trying to provide an answer to that question by bringing together attendees not only from NESI Forum but also a range of other events around the world looking at similar topics.  Now What?! is a series of live conversations via Zoom during May and June to amplify, integrate, and ground the transformational energy of conferences taking place at this time around the world.   Themes will include the role of regenerative agriculture in addressing climate change, and ways to support local and regional organising hubs for transformational action and whole systems change. The first meeting is on Friday 3 May and the next on Tuesday 7 May – find out more and register here.

Within the new WEAll Citizens platform, we’ve also created DO Challenges – real actions that you can take in your own life to be part of creating a wellbeing economy. The challenges are about much more than just being a “good consumer” – they’re about connecting with others where you are and living the change together. Sign up and choose your first DO Challenge today!

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