Two of Katherine Trebeck’s recent talks have been made available on YouTube. As WEAll Knowledge and Policy lead, Katherine regularly delivers talks and workshops about the wellbeing economy.

In June Katherine was a keynote speaker at Love Economics in Morecambe, UK. The organisers describe the talk as follows:

“Prof Katherine Trebeck unpacks her incredible work with the ‘economics of arrival’ and the WEAre network she is pioneering globally. “The current economic model is not broken, it is doing exactly what it was designed to do – to siphon off wealth and feed it to the rich!” There are alternative, far kinder and more sustainable models available. Watch this and be inspired!”

In May, Katherine travelled to Canada and participated in the ‘Beyond GDP conference’ at Dalhousie University. Her talk there was entitled ‘New Measures for a New Movement’.

Both of these talks, as well as many more by Katherine and other WEAll members and representatives, can be found in our resource library.

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