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The Wellbeing Economy Alliance is asking for public donations for the first time. Here’s why.

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Published on November 04, 2019

We need resources to continue and accelerate our work in order to meet the demand for wellbeing economy ideas and solutions.

We also need a broader funding base to ensure our ongoing sustainability: that’s where you come in.


Since WEAll (the Wellbeing Economy Alliance) launched in spring 2018, the organisation, the network, and the idea of a wellbeing economy have been going from strength to strength.

People are hungry for an economic system where nobody is left behind, and to learn about the pathways that will get us there.

The team coordinating WEAll calls itself the Amplification (Amp) Team because our purpose is to amplify the amazing work that’s already happening around the world to transform economies. We’re a small team with big ambitions.

Those ambitions are shared by more people every day – and we need more funds to keep up with that momentum.

WEAll is asking for public donations for the first time so that we can:

  • Meet the demand for practical change by developing and promoting the knowledge base for what a wellbeing economy is and how we get there
  • Continue connecting and amplifying the movement for a wellbeing economy, growing our broad membership base which already includes over 100 organisations
  • Develop a new economic story to underpin the change we all need, ramping up the work of our narratives groups around the world
  • Cultivate new and existing place-based hubs and the thriving Citizens network – connecting individuals anywhere to the wellbeing economy movement
  • Deliver projects with our members to take tangible steps towards economic system change

To date, WEAll has been fortunate to receive funding from individual donors and foundations. However, by itself, we know that to be necessary but not sufficient if we are to continue to drive our work forward.  We need to diversify and expand our funding base.

That’s why we’re launching the first ever WEAll fundraising campaign: asking everyone who believes in the need for a wellbeing economy to contribute and help make it happen.

WEAll is about being greater than the sum of our parts – and a large number of modest donations is our ideal funding scenario.

By donating what you can, you’ll be supporting WEAll’s ongoing work and our future expansion. More importantly, you’ll be demonstrating the demand for and commitment to economic system change.  Monthly donations would be very welcome as they enable us to plan into the future.

We all deserve an economy that works for people and planet. The WEAll team is working hard to make this vision a reality: donate today to be part of it.

With gratitude,

The WEAll Amp Team 


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