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The Dialogue Dance: from competition to collaboration in the language of social progress and sustainable development

Published on October 06, 2022

Written by: Alden Lai, Amanda Janoo, Jennifer Wallace, Jon Hall, and Tim Lomas,

Over the past 20 years there have been increasing calls to shift from the dominant paradigms in economics and public policy that prioritise economic growth to a new conceptual framework of progress that centres on our people and planet’s quality of life. The word “wellbeing” is increasingly used to refer to this paradigm shift. But other terms also have resonance — sustainable development, human development, Doughnut Economics, Wellbeing Economy, wellbeing governments, happiness or subjective wellbeing, the Green New Deal and so on.

The purpose of this essay is to explore whether and how we can reconcile different concepts into a holistic framework — taking the shared threads from each concept and weaving them into something that allows for collaboration and development, rather than competition and division. It arises from observations by the authors that it can be hard to get a new paradigm up and off the ground when so much time is spent arguing about what to call it. As we face many threats, including a global pandemic, a biodiversity catastrophe, and a war in Europe, fostering a common language and platform is more important than ever.

Click below to read the full essay. We hope you enjoy it and, if you have any comments or suggestions for inclusion, please contact Jennifer.Wallace@carnegieuk.org.

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