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The Art of the Wellbeing Economy – Towards a Community of Practice: Call to Action

Published on December 15, 2023

This paper is an invitation to participate in our new ‘Community of Practice’, a new imaginary in a spirit of generosity, inclusion and creative diversity. It acknowledges the challenges inherent to overcoming the currently pervasive hyper-consumerist, colonialist, patriarchal mindset, but also the continuing positive contribution of many cultural traditions. Ireland has already been a testing ground for socio-economic experiments, and the Irish language has deep-rooted connections with place and nature. As James Joyce argued, the Irish imagination has been at its best when moving between two “twinsome” minds – that is, when it had “two thinks at a time’’.

It was written by Dr Peter Doran (Queens University Belfast/WEALL(Ireland) with contributions from Caroline Whyte and Davie Philip.

Download the paper (15.9 MB)

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