WEAll June Talk – Heart in Business

Published on June 14, 2023

In this highly interactive session, Andrew will outline why he believes that a lack of habits is what is stopping so many organisations from delivering their purpose, their ESG goals and being at their most effective. As a former supermarket owner, he will describe the approach he and his colleagues use to change all this and deliver much more effective leadership. You will get the chance to consider what habits you’d like to introduce to your life.

Speaker bio:

Andrew believes that businesses with a meaningful purpose are more sustainable in the long term, fun places to work and can make a meaningful contribution to society. He knows from his work with businesses that the most successful in delivering their purpose and vision are those with clearly defined habits that deliver the behaviours needed to support that purpose and vision.

He believes that opening your heart is a key step in delivering on the habits needed to be more effective. For 14 years, he practised what he preached in his award-winning North London Supermarket, Thornton’s Budgens. He spearheaded Thornton’s Budgens becoming the first UK supermarket (and the second in the world) to launch Plastic Free Zones – despite being a minnow in Grocery retailing, the former Tesco CEO Dave Lewis said he changed ‘the relationship between supermarkets and plastic globally’.

Andrew now focuses his efforts on helping other leaders open their hearts, through his Heart in Business organisation and supporting businesses who want to make a difference in the world and deliver their purpose. Last year he published ‘Putting the Heart Back into Business’ which he co-authors with his partner Eudora Pascall.

Andrew started his career at Mars, and was a founder and director of the social enterprise: The People’s Supermarket and Food from the Sky, he also founded and ran the retail consultancy SRCG. He splits his time between London and South Germany where he lives with his partner and daughter and has two grown-up sons. Andrew grew up in Dublin

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