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Scotland – Wellbeing Report’

Tags: Wellbeing Policy Design

The National Performance Framework (NPF) is Scotland’s wellbeing framework, setting out the vision for the country by providing 11 National Outcomes and 81 National Indicators which focus on economic, social, and environmental factors.

In 2019, one year after the NPF was reviewed, the Scottish Government issued a Wellbeing report to evaluate the country’s progress towards the set wellbeing goals. The aim of the report was to provide evidence and analysis on key areas and features of Scotland’s performance which could inform decision making on policy, services, and spending. The areas examined include evidence around natural and economic resources, fair work, and an equitable working society, education, health, and community wellbeing. The report uses the framework’s data that support each National Outcome, along with evidence on equalities and additional information that can present a holistic picture on how Scotland is progressing towards the achievement of the National Outcomes.

The Wellbeing report aims to be a starting point for decision makers to better understand the key trends of Scotland’s performance in order to develop the necessary policies and activities to deliver the country’s vision.

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