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Quito, Ecuador – Holistic teaching practices

Tags: Health and Environment

Johannes Kepler Colegio is a school in Quito, Ecuador, which takes a holistic approach to teaching. Their vision is to form ‘world citizens and excellent human beings’ who care about their surroundings and initiate change. There is no mention of preparing people for the job market; they focus on growing good human beings who care about their environment and community, by incorporating the UN Sustainable Development Goals in their curricula at all levels, from preschool to high school. The school was created in 1991, with the purpose of creating a strong link between community and school. Education is seen as the tool to imagine and create a better world. Some important pillars for the school are: • Close connections with families and the local community; • All three levels of education are on the same campus, which allows students from different ages to interact; • The campus is integrated in the natural environment, which includes part of the surrounding forest; • Several activities are promoted on campus including sports, gardening, and animal farming; • Students’ initiatives are taken into consideration and implemented. For example, last year, students requested the elimination of plastic bottles from the vending machines, arguing it was not a sustainable practice.

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