Case Studies

Milan, Italy – Urban Food Policy

Tags: Health and Environment

During the 2015 Expo dedicated to food security and sustainable development, Milan proposed an international protocol aiming to involve a number of world cities in coordinating global food policies. This protocol, called the Urban Food Policy Act, aims to develop sustainable and inclusive food systems that provide healthy and affordable food to all people, while also protecting the environment. The Act also encourages coordination between municipal and community sectors, so as to integrate food security considerations into social, environmental, and economic policy making, and seeks to create coherence between local, national, and global policies, programmes, and initiatives. At its inception, the Act had 100 members. Today, this number has risen to 210 cities around the world, including cities in Italy, the United States, Brazil, the Ivory Coast, Madagascar, China, and Mozambique, indicating the commitment of global municipal actors to a more sustainable and secure future for food production and distribution practices.

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