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LOVE (Life Opportunities Valuing Everyone) – Social Business Model

Tags: Wellbeing Business

LOVE is a group of organisations providing social services to promote social justice, inclusion, and wellbeing. Charitable services in one part of the group are financed by commercial activities in other parts of the group.

LOVE is a one-of-a-kind social business that funds its outreach charitable services – such as education and social care – through corporate services, such as wellbeing, professional training, and recruitment. LOVE’s outreach services include education support, employability, sport and physical wellbeing, and social care.

LOVE’s approach differs from other outreach providers in that they identify gaps or opportunities to support vulnerable individuals who would otherwise have limited or no access to the services they need. For example, they deliver services to vulnerable people with 24/7 crisis care where standard services operate during office hours only.

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