Case Studies

Amsterdam, Netherlands – Building a Sharing Economy

Tags: Wellbeing Policy Design

‘The sharing economy is all about the products and services that lead to a happy, sustainable and connected life.’ – shareNL

As the city of Amsterdam works to build a wellbeing economy, they have found that sharing is an economic behavior that has very powerful impacts on social and ecological wellbeing. Therefore, since 2015 they have instigated a process of making the city a “playground for pilot projects. An urban living lab where all stakeholders pilot with this new phenomenon and share insights and experiences.” With the aim of better identifying economic activities that are supporting sharing so that they can better support and foster these activities in the future. As the city of Amsterdam writes, ‘The sharing economy is not a question of ban or authorize, but of monitor and seize opportunities where possible.’

Amsterdam Sharing City was initiated by shareNL and is a joint initiative from the city municipality and ‘ambassadors’ from all corners of the city to work together: from startups to corporates, from community center to public library, and from knowledge institution to the municipalities to find and identify economic activities that can foster wellbeing now and for generations to come.


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