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RegenNarration: Arriving at a wellbeing economy – new podcast with Katherine Trebeck

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Published on October 28, 2019

During her recent book tour around Australia, WEAll Knowledge and Policy lead Katherine Trebeck participated in a panel event in Perth.

The discussion was recorded and recently released as a podcast by Perth-based RegenNarration.

The episode – ‘Arriving at a Wellbeing Economy’ – is described as follows:

“Recorded live in conversation with a full room at The Platform in Perth, a few days after the global climate strike and as the UN Climate Action Summit began. This event launched Katherine’s book, as part of a national tour around Australia in collaboration with the New Economy Network Australia.

While everyday economics has assumed all growth is good, the richest countries already have plenty of wealth and resources — they have ‘arrived’. The Economics of Arrival urges us to move from enlarging the economy to improving it, exploring the benefits this could bring for all, and how it can be done.

Importantly in this context, Aboriginal people in this country might well ask when they’ll have the opportunity to ‘arrive’. And with all we continue to learn about the sophistication of Aboriginal culture in Australia throughout millennia, what other narratives of ‘progress’ and development are available for us to share in?

Hot on the heels of the Wellbeing Budget in New Zealand, just the latest in a raft of key developments around the world, we explore how we change systems, stories and measures, to transition to an economy geared towards shared quality of life, rather than sheer quantity of stuff.”

Listen below and check out the original podcast page here.

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