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Pre-NESI webinars: join in and be part of designing a wellbeing economy

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Published on March 04, 2019

The NESI Forum 2019 takes place 24-26 April in Malaga, Spain – but the work to build a wellbeing economy together starts even sooner. Through a series of webinars with subject experts from around the world, you can participate actively in the “Discovery” phase prior to the forum and explore, learn and share about the existing solutions and early innovations that will enable us to Dream, Design and DO the change we want to see in the world, at NESI and beyond.

NESI is structured around five themes that will be explored in the webinars: The energy that powers all our activities; what we eat and how we produce it; where and how we choose to live in or work and get around; what we wear and how we access it; and where we invest and how money circulates. Across all six themes, we need radical transformation to co-create a wellbeing economy. This is what we are here to do together.

Join us in the journey by attending all or any of the available free webinars.

Use this Zoom link to join all of the webinars:

  • Tuesday 12th March (4pm to 5pm) – Lars Mortensen speaks to us about “Textiles in a circular economy” (English)

  • Wednesday 13th March (4pm to 5pm) – Johnny Azpilicueta shares his insights about “La desmaterialización de la economía: una visión holística radical” (Spanish)

  • Thursday 14th March (4pm to 5pm) – Susana Martín Belmonte introduces the topic of “new financial and monetary systems to create new economies” (Spanish)

  • Tuesday 19th March (3pm to 4pm) – Ana Huertas helps us understand the role of “Food sovereignty for eco-social regeneration” (English)

  • Wednesday 20th March (4pm to 5pm) – Benoît Lallemand invites us to discover how to “Make finance serve society” (English)

  • Thursday 21st March (4pm to 5pm) – Iñaki Alonso introduces the “Treble balance architecture for new co-housing and co-working developments” (Spanish)

  • Tuesday 26th March (4pm to 5pm) – Jonathan Schifferes  makes us reflect about “Who shapes our cities?, learning from London, Boston and Tuxtla Gutiérrez” (English)

  • Wednesday 27th March (4pm to 5pm) – Fabian Wallace-Stephens will helps us discover “What lies ahead in the future of work – thinking beyond mass automation” (English)

  • Thursday 28th March (4pm to 5pm) – Andrea Somma shares her own personal journey “From sustainable fashion to the wellbeing economy” (Spanish)

  • Martes 2 de Abril (4pm to 5pm) – Nicola Cerantola helps us understand “Energy & resources flows in the circular economy” (English)

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