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NESI Global Forum 2019 – early bird tickets on sale

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Published on December 14, 2018

WEAll is collaborating to deliver NESI Global Forum 2019:

Co-creating the wellbeing economy through social innovation

In 2017, the first NESI (New Economy Social Innovation) Global Forum took place in Málaga and brought together over 700 participants and 60 speakers from 40 countries. By sharing their energy, expertise and ideas, these committed people created the NESI Charter of Málaga and helped to accelerate the shift to an economic system that works for people and planet.

Two years later, the second NESI Global Forum from 24 to 26 April 2019 will be even bigger and bolder.

In this edition participants will explore how to achieve our common global objectives (Sustainable Development Goals and climate change goals) from a local perspective and through social innovation.

The food we eat, how we get around, how money circulates, the way we work – all of these and more are part of the economic system. We all have a role to play in transforming the economy so that it delivers shared wellbeing on a healthy planet.

Join us at NESI Global Forum 2019 and connect with the wellbeing economy movement.

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