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‘Local is our Future’ – new book showcases real-world examples demonstrating that another economy is already in the making

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Published on July 15, 2019


WEAll member Local Futures has launched their founder Helena Norberg-Hodge’s new book, Local is Our Future. 

They explain the purpose of the book as follows:

“This book connects the dots between our social, economic, ecological and spiritual crises, revealing how a systemic shift from global to local can address these seemingly disparate problems simultaneously.

Distilling the wisdom gleaned from four decades of activism and direct experience in both the global North and South, Helena lucidly deconstructs the old narrative of ‘progress’ through technological advance and corporate growth, while presenting a concise and compelling case for economic localization.

Her arguments are supported by real-world examples proving that – beneath the radar of the mainstream media and far from the fetishized techno-utopia of Silicon Valley – healthy and vibrant futures, built upon connection to nature and community, are already in the making.”

Order from Local Futures online store

Local Futures would like to encourage readers to discuss the book as part of a book club or other community group – so they are offering a 30% discount for anyone planning to engage with the book collectively in this way. Please email for details.
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