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Launching 36×36 For a Femxle Revolution

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Published on November 24, 2020

Calling all femxle change makers! 

We’re accepting applications for the new 36×36 project, which will gather next generation femxle professionals from all over the world, to develop the pillars for our economic future. 


The current neoliberal economic “story” was created in 1947, in a Swiss resort called Mont Pelerin by 36 men. These Western Male thinkers disseminated this story and their value system around the world. It’s time to rebalance that perspective: it continues to dominate our current thinking of how to manage our global economic system and underpins much of the decision making in the world.

This thinking is the root cause of the climate emergency, resource depletion and social inequalities. 

Now, it’s time to change that story. 

We urgently need new visionary economic thinkers and professionals who can build a balanced economy, which unites a variety of approaches to foster human flourishing and wellbeing on a healthy planet.


The application process for the 36×36 project launches this week. It will bring together 36 next generation femxle professionals between the ages of 25-40, who are committed to building a more just and sustainable world. 

This applies to any proactive femxle who is passionate about building economies focused on supporting life on earth and planetary wellbeing.These young protagonists can be thinkers, practitioners, activists, policy developers or researchers. 

This program will be hosted online between February and October 2021. A global gathering is planned in Sweden at the end of September 2021. 

Over this 9-month period, the 36×36 grouping will receive online professional education in “Strategising Transformative Change”, engage in online exchanges around new economic theories and approaches, collaborate on new prototypes to materialise these strategies in practice, create a manifesto which will identify the essential building blocks of new economic architecture and ultimately, become a part of a global femxle transformation network to implement a new economic story. 

This is about changing the future. This project is funded by the Postcode Foundation in Sweden and launches today. Applications are open until December 31. Please check out our new  website, and learn more about how you can get involved.

* The term femxle / womxn encompasses all persons identifying as female/ woman, and is used throughout this project to be inclusive.

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