WEAll Wales founder Duncan Fisher has written a series of four visionary articles on the Institute of Wales Affairs website, designed to encourage and guide Wales towards becoming a wellbeing economy.

Last week we shared the first of the series here.

You can now read all four at the links below.

  1. Unhappiness threatens our democracies: the data proves it
  2. Beyond GDP – welcome to wellbeing
  3. Wellbeing worldbeaters: New Zealand, Scotland and Iceland
  4. Welsh wellbeing – where we need to go from here

If you’re interested in getting involved with WEAll work in Wales, contact Duncan here. He is in the process of establishing a new WEAll hub in Wales and is keen to connect with like-minded people and organisations to build momentum.

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  1. Roberta Owen
    Roberta Owen says:

    Can we assume that WEALL is working closely with Sophie Howe and her team who last year produced a report on the progress of the Well-being of Future Generations Act? This Act is – potentially – a very significant tool at our disposal (and I believe was key in finally stopping the construction of the M4 Relief road – no small achievement). A recent Auditor’s Report is quite critical of WAG’s lack of support for the pro-active aims of the Act though, so it seems to us it needs wider recognition and support as the primary vehicle for ensuring (by law) the changes that are needed.
    Rob Owen – Co-ordinator, Transition Holywell & District

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