WEAll’s Rabia Abrar wrote a piece for the Autumn edition of The Scottish Ecological Design Association (SEDA)’s magazine, on what Building Back Better actually means in the context of a Wellbeing Economy.

“Build” is active and participatory.
“Back” suggests that some essential elements of the economic system and indeed daily life will return – but crucially stands in a helpful contrast to
the alternative “back to normal”.
“Better” is the most important of the three words – our old system is gone. What do we want to build in its place?

In short – a system that delivers social justice on a healthy planet.

Read the full piece in the SEDA magazine issue, along with articles outlining the future role of Sunspaces (enclosed solar balconies), the Coltman Street Self Build, the use of Hempcrete in Scotland and, crucially, Positive Action in Housing’s fight with the UK Home Office to get decent housing for asylum seekers.

Learn more about SEDA here.

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