Over the past two weeks, people all over the world have been engaging in discussions about the topics that shape a wellbeing economy in NESI (New Economy and Social Innovation) webinars co-hosted by WEAll. There are just three webinars remaining this week – don’t miss out!

Use this Zoom link to join all of the webinars: https://zoom.us/j/756911946

  • Tuesday 2 April (4pm to 5pm CET) – Nicola Cerantola helps us understand “Energy & resources flows in the circular economy” (English)
  • Wednesday 3 April (4pm to 5pm CET) – Mario Sánchez – Herrero will share his vision for “Energy transition: strategies for an accelerated (and orderly) change beyond the financial and state economies (Spanish)
  • Wednesday 3 April (5.30pm tp 6.30pm CET) – Ginnie Guillen-Hanson, cohort of CSCP and member of SCORAI and Future Earth’s Knowledge Action Network,  speaks to us about “Healthier, more equitable and environmentally friendly food systems – perspectives from 2040” (English)

If you’re joining Ginnie’s webinar on 3 April, please complete this quick survey.

The NESI Forum 2019 takes place 24-26 April in Malaga, Spain – but the work to build a wellbeing economy together starts even sooner. Through this series of webinars with subject experts from around the world, you can participate actively in the “Discovery” phase prior to the forum and explore, learn and share about the existing solutions and early innovations that will enable us to Dream, Design and DO the change we want to see in the world, at NESI and beyond.

NESI is structured around five themes that will be explored in the webinars: The energy that powers all our activities; what we eat and how we produce it; where and how we choose to live in or work and get around; what we wear and how we access it; and where we invest and how money circulates. Across all six themes, we need radical transformation to co-create a wellbeing economy. This is what we are here to do together.

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  1. lisa
    lisa says:

    Hi Nicole, the webinars are now all available on YouTube – here are the links:
    Webinar 1: Lars: Textiles https://youtu.be/d0jw1oWj4g8
    Webinar 2: Johnny: Work https://youtu.be/LFocvaJQ2Oc
    Webinar 3: Susana: Finance https://youtu.be/CgotAFCsz8M
    Webinar 4: Ana: Food: https://youtu.be/r4DYcJFYyl8
    Webinar 5: Shonan: Finance: https://youtu.be/mBbHK044wFk
    Webinar 6: Inaki: Housing: https://youtu.be/V7CdZSpoJXs
    Webinar 7: Johnathan: Housing: https://youtu.be/lluRQxd6jzY
    Webinar 8: Fabian: Work: https://youtu.be/p_omWxtnMHc
    Webinar 9: Andrea: Textiles: https://youtu.be/eiD6XVU3De4
    Webinar 10: Nicola: Energy: https://youtu.be/NOuZa5I-P1U
    Webinar 11: Mario: Energy: https://youtu.be/lsUo-my6uII
    Webinar 12: Ginnie: Food: https://youtu.be/SguKmki9V9s

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