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Design for Global Transformation at UC Berkeley

Tags: narrative, Natural Systems, roadmap, story, Sustainable Agriculture
Published on August 27, 2020

As a part of WEAll’s narratives work, we are always looking to find new articulations of the vision of of a new economy – one that is designed with the purpose of delivering collective wellbeing. Last week, we discovered 5 inspiring projects presented by undergraduate UC Berkeley Civil and Environmental Engineering students in their ‘Design for Global Transformation’ course.

These students designed planetary-scale strategies for real-world transformation in the Nature-Based Solutions, Transportation, Food, Industry, Buildings and Energy sectors.

They drew inspiration from the Exponential Roadmap, which is highlights 36 solutions that can scale exponentially to halve Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2030 worldwide.

In a beautifully artistic way, each presentation showcases a set of slide decks and StoryMaps to help communicate the essence of their strategies.

For example, in the Nature-Based Solutions presentation, the students show both the present state, the preferred state and the pathway to get there. They include extensive research to back their claims and in their StoryMaps have interactive tools so the user can do their own researching.

Each presentation specifically shares pathways to success with examples and aesthetically pleasing slides to match. To learn more and engage with their interactive StoryMaps, use this link.

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