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Creating Regenerative Organizations and Cultures

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Published on September 24, 2021

The world of leadership and societal development is transforming before our eyes. Leaders either learn to cross the threshold or struggle with approaches from outdated mindsets. Over the past decades, whilst life expectancy has increased, economies have grown and technology has developed immensely, we have also witnessed rising inequality, ecological collapse and mental health crises among many other issues. Siren bells are ringing from the Earth as society calls for a new way of organizing and leading that better serves our collective flourishing. 

Most of us in the WEAll community recognise the need to create a different economic system: a wellbeing economy, that puts care of people and our Earth at its core rather than an unrestricted pursuit of profit. If we are to bring about a wellbeing economy, a way of leading our lives and businesses in harmony with ourselves and the Earth, we must first cultivate a different, regenerative source of ‘inner leadership’. The more we embody inner leadership, the greater our capacity to embed this into our organizations – into the culture, processes, structures and the metrics, into every aspect of our organizations, and then into the wider ecosystems and economy that we are also a part of.

Leading From Within

Our team of global New Zealanders, Alexander Evatt, Christopher Evatt and Shruthi Vijayakumar are committed to nurturing inner leadership to enable the systemic shift that society is calling for. Inner leadership as we call it requires us as individuals and collectives to question the way we think about ourselves, each other, the world around us, and why we are here. It recognises how interconnected we are to everything around us, and our interdependence with one another and the Earth. It invites us to look beyond the cognitive capability of the mind and cultivate our intuition, wisdom and capacity to listen and draw from the timeless, deep wisdom of life and natural world. It guides us to our inner source of strength, wisdom, peace and allows our actions to draw from this source rather than from a feeling of discontent, anxiousness, worry, guilt, fear or a host of  other emotions that can drain us.

This way of leading that may feel ‘new,’ is in fact ancient. It is found in many philosophies and wisdom traditions, spanning the East, the West and indigenous traditions which reflect values of living in harmony and respect with all life. We acknowledge and pay our respects to the many leaders who have kept this wisdom alive, which we seek to revive and live by in our efforts to support the systemic change that is needed in this time. 

In August we launched a co-creative leadership development journey, for visionary leaders; entrepreneurs, change-makers, managers, social impact leaders and consultants. To cultivate the capabilities, qualities and skills to transform the extractive models of business and economy into a regenerative model where all life can thrive and gain a community to support you and your organisation’s continued transformation. We are astounded by what’s possible when we collectively come together and deeply appreciate the insights and teachings in each of you.

Despite the difficulties and challenges we uncovered and shared from the current extractive systems, we sensed by practicing and embodying together with an open mind and heart, how we and our business can be a force for transformation.

We look forward to taking the next step in our journey of change makers in our next Masterclasses: October 4th & 5th
How to Create Regenerative Organizations and Cultures

We would love to see you there. With deep gratitude NewDirection team:
Alexander, Christopher & Shruthi

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