Building Human Rights Economies with Darrick Hamilton: WEAll talk

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Published on January 25, 2024

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The rhetorical illusion and elegance around words like “freedom,” “choice,” and a specific notion of rights – not economic rights of people, but the economic rights of property – is a rhetoric devoid of an honest reckoning with the immoral practice by which that property has come to be distributed in the first place. Economists need to expand the boundaries of human capital theory to better theorize the roles of economic, political and social power and initial endowments (e.g. capital).

Darrick Hamilton is Henry Cohen Professor of Economics and Urban Policy and founding director of the Institute on Race, Power and Political Economy at The New School. For February’s WEAll talk he’ll discuss the concept of Inclusive Economic Rights and Human Rights Economies, where economic rights are emphasized as a necessary and inseparable component of human rights.

Considered one of America’s foremost public intellectuals, Professor Hamilton has been profiled in the New York Times, Mother Jones, Bloomberg’s Business Week and the Wall Street Journal. Professor Hamilton was named a Freedom Scholar by the Marguerite Casey Foundation and the Group Health Foundation.

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