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An invitation to join a dialogue on building thriving, resilient communities

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Published on December 11, 2018

Thriving Resilient Communities (TRC)
2019 Movement Strategy Dialogue

The Thriving Resilient Communities Collaboratory (TRCC) invites you to join them in exploring this question as we enter 2019:

What would you like to learn about building thriving, resilient communities, and how can we better support those doing so across the world?

This is a participant-led conversation taking place now through January 7, 2019 and you can be part of it.

Zoom calls take place on a schedule that evolves to meet participant needs. The Dialogue process also makes use of Facebook, Google docs, and Slack. Details when you register.  See the current agenda (which is developing on an ongoing basis) here.

About the TRC Movement Strategy Dialogue

This is the fourth annual iteration of the Dialogue, which is hosted by the Thriving Resilient Communities Collaboratory (TRCC), a network of regional and national organizational leaders who are working to revitalize local communities across the USA.  Its purpose is to learn more about how we can support those who are building thriving, resilient communities across the US and the world.

Intended results of this collective inquiry include:

  • Creating a space for shared learning on the connection between local scale transformation and regional/national/global structures for collaboration, as well as on ways to democratize philanthropy
  • Connecting people and organizations within and beyond the TRCC community, both for general networking and to onboard new TRCC member organizations (see the next page for a list of current member orgs)
  • Celebrating our work over the past year, and nourishing our souls so we move into the new one with greater energy and solidarity
  • Supporting the 2019 cycle of the collaborative funding initiative facilitated by the TRCC in partnership with the Threshold Foundation.  
    • This includes identifying overall strategies for our grantmaking, potential grantee nominees, and potential funding partners.
  • Seeding new collaborations

TRCC is especially excited about the participation of new people in this year’s engagement, as they seek to learn from Thriving Resilience work being done around the world, and to expand their core community of US-focused organizational leaders.  

Check out this harvest “Prezi” for a sense of what emerged from last year’s Dialogue.

This document provides a full overview of the 2018 Dialogue, along with links to notes and videos from the nineteen conversations that took place, an annotated resource list compiled by participants, and a set of seven “mini-learning journey stories” that capture some of the essence of what was learned and experienced.

Current TRCC Community Member Organizations


Bloom Network
Center for Economic Democracy
Compassion Games
The Connection Partners
Cooperative Development Institute
Daily Acts
The Gaiafield Network
Geoversiv Foundation
The Grassroots Fund
Institute for Evolutionary Leadership
Integrative Permaculture
Local 20/20
Movement Generation
Music as Medicine
New Economy Coalition
New Stories
NorCal Resilience Network
Permaculture Action Network
Post Carbon Institute
Regenerate Change
Social Transformation Project
Sociocracy For All
Sustainable Economies Law Center
Threshold Foundation
Transition US


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