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Amp team diary: September 2018

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Published on October 02, 2018

Each month, the WEAll Amplification team (Amp team) shares what they’ve been working on, and their priorities for the coming month.

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Ana Gomez 

What’s kept you busy in September?
  • Onboarding new members
  • Ongoing communication with existing and potential members, deepening relationships and ensuring that all members have what they need
  • Supporting the development of the Malaga hub and getting a new app ready for launch
September highlight:
  • I really enjoyed our September member calls, they’re becoming really useful and participative, and it’s great to welcome new members to them
October priorities:
  • Helping to deliver WEAll Scotland’s first event and supporting the team there
  • More work with and for members – I want to bring proposals for working together and deepen relationships still further
  • Planning logistics and production for NESI Forum 2019
  • Spending time with the rest of the Amp team in person

Lisa Hough-Stewart 

What’s kept you busy in September?
  • Planning and delivery of our #10yearson stunt in New York. Collaborating with Finance Watch and Post Growth Institute was great
  • Coordinating the first public WEAll event in New York at Fordham University. It was wonderful to meet US members and make new connections
  • After launching the WEAll website and social media channels right at the start of September, I’ve been continually developing them and creating/sharing content
September highlight:
  • I’m proud of the Free Money Day stunt we did as part of the #10yearson campaign in New York, especially the video! Watch it here
October priorities:
  • Developing the communications plan for NESI Forum 2019, and getting ready to launch ticket sales with a website update and press release in early November
  • Medium-long term planning on our communications and mobilisation goals, including working with the newly formed comms working group
  • Supporting the WEAll Scotland launch event and follow up work
  • Spending time on strategy and planning as a team in Malaga

Diego Isabel

What’s kept you busy in September?
  • Our trip to New York, where we hosted the first public WEAll event at Fordham and also had the chance to connect with US members, and bring them together for the first time
  • Producing a data report about Spanish consumer opinions and behaviour around wellbeing and ethics
  • Lots of productive meetings with partners in Spain, including to discuss plans for NESI Forum 2019
  • Acting as MC for the brilliant European Ideas Lab event in Madrid
September highlight:
  • Giving away free money opposite Lehman Brothers on the ten year anniversary of the crash, especially working with our members Post Growth Institute and Finance Watch
October priorities:
  • Meeting the Amp team in person to focus our energies and discuss strategy, planning and working together effectively
  • Moving into the next gear with preparations for NESI Forum 2019
  • Fundraising efforts, and various meetings including with local hubs in Spain
  • Setting up and starting to work with the WEAll strategy group

Katherine Trebeck

What’s kept you busy in September?
  • Having a week in a cabin to focus on research content, both reading the latest that’s out there in the knowledge sphere, and writing blogs and articles
  • Attending a convening in Bellagio, and seeing diverse people and organisations rallying around the concept of wellbeing (though this is admittedly also a risk – blog to come!)
  • Partnership working with Green Economy Coalition to advance narrative work and submit a funding proposal to EC DEAR
September highlight:
  • With support from us, the Scottish Government have been showing real leadership in their work with other governments on the wellbeing economy
October priorities:
  • WEAll Scotland’s first event – Wealth of Nations 2.0, and all the follow-up afterwards to define the action plan and offer
  • Several presentations and appearances to engage with new audiences (to Transitions Town in Malmo, to city officials in Malmo, to the Institute of Chartered Accountants, to Aberdeen Standard Life)
  • Getting the Research Fellows Network moving forward

Stewart Wallis

Stewart has been enjoying a well-earned rest in August and September – after coming out of retirement to help set up and run WEAll, he has temporarily re-retired! The team can’t wait to welcome him back in October.

Michael Weatherhead

What’s kept you busy in September?
  • Creating and sharing plans for the business cluster and getting a business education sub group up and running
  • Strengthening connections between WE Africa and WEAll
  • Attending OECD meetings in Paris – meeting partners, members and funders, and advancing the WEAll message
September highlight:
  • Making connections at the OECD
October priorities:
  • Agreeing content and form of the NESI Forum 2019 with co-creation team (and also setting up this team!)
  • Face to face meeting in Malaga with the Amp team
  • Making the plans for the business cluster operational
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