Amp team diary July 2019

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Published on August 07, 2019

Each month, the WEAll Amplification team (Amp team) shares what they’ve been working on, and their priorities for the coming month.

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Ana Gómez

What’s kept you busy in July?

  • Meetings with potential new local hubs in various locations including Wales, New Zealand and Canada
  • Revamping WEAll Talk – which is a format we have developed for conversations about any topic that members want to discuss. I’m  excited to be programming a really interesting set of discussions for the rest of 2019
  • Developing a thank-you document for our amazing members, and making improvements to the ways we communicate with members.

July highlight:

  • The first New Zealand hub call – there was amazing energy there amongst a diverse group of people

August priorities:

  • Preparing for a trip to Latin America to participate in Encuentro+B with Sistema B
  • The first new WEAll Talk led by one of our members
  • Continuing to support the new and existing hubs


Lisa Hough-Stewart 

What’s kept you busy in July?

  • I’ve taken over coordination of the Narratives cluster and have spent a lot of time understanding what’s going on there, and figuring out the best ways to move forward. It’s been great to meet and work with lots of our members engaged with this work
  • A user survey helped us make improvements to the Citizens platform, and we’re also planning Offers and Needs Market events with Citizens in collaboration with Post Growth Institute on August 19 and September 4, which I’m excited about
  • Developing a project proposal with Promoting Economic Pluralism for a pluralist economics training course, and submitting it to funders.

July highlight:

  • Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland, giving a powerful TED Talk about the Wellbeing Economy Governments initiative

August priorities:

  • A major overhaul of the WEAll website and vision brochure, which already kicked off in July
  • A trip to Iceland with the Research core team to work on messaging to communicate the amazing ideas already out there
  • Lots more to do with the Narratives cluster, including a joint project with the Green Economy Coalition to engage with creative communicators in the UK.


Katherine Trebeck

What’s kept you busy in July?

  • A trip to Berlin, which included a great event about growth (what is it good for?) with our member Emerge, and lots of time with Dirk Philipsen who is helping develop the WEToolbox element of the WEAll knowledge work and talking to some key figures about their rationale for economic growth
  • Developing a suite of WE Ideas papers with the Research core team – and recruiting the marvellous Claire Sommer to support with editing and messaging of our products
  • Spending time meeting with many wonderful colleagues and partners, including in Scotland where opportunities continue to flourish (including with that awesome TED Talk from the First Minister)

July highlights:

  • Spending time away on a much needed reading and writing retreat, catching up with the latest thinking relevant to WEAll as well as my own to-do list!
  • Being name checked by the bold UK MP Caroline Lucas, who raised a debate in Parliament on the purpose of the economy
  • Getting a sneak preview of the forthcoming Wellbeing Economies documentary that I’m part of – and being blown away.

August priorities:

  • Another trip to Germany – this time to hang out with some inspiring young people
  • Being with the Research cluster family in Iceland for in-depth sessions on our work and messaging
  • Publishing the first two WE Ideas papers – watch this space.


Stewart Wallis

What’s kept you busy in July?

  • Finalising a chapter on technology in a wellbeing economy for a new book
  • Engagement with many funders
  • Preparing for and chairing the second meeting of the WEAll Global Council

July highlight:

  • Submitting several applications to funders that we’re very proud of

July priorities:

  • Working with Lisa and US colleagues on plans for US narratives work
  • Continuing to build relationships with existing and potential funders
  • Working with Global Council co-chair Wendy on strategy.


Michael Weatherhead

What’s kept you busy in July

  • A great trip to the US where I participated in the SDG Transformations Forum, met with funders and spent time with our corporate partner Velcro
  • Writing and submitting funding bids
  • Kicking off the process for the forthcoming ‘Alternatives to Business as Usual Guide’ with our delivery partners SenseTribe

July highlight:

  • Developing and submitting a bid for an African leapfrogging project with our Africa-based members

August priorities:

  • Interviews and content development for the Alternatives to Business As Usual Guide
  • Attending meetings about system change at the OECD in Paris
  • Taking some time off to spend with family and to relocate back home to the UK.
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