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WEAll is recruiting: Communications Lead

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Published on March 14, 2023

Job Description
WEAll Communications Lead

Extended application deadline:  30th April 2023 at 23:59 UK time


The Communications Lead role

The Communications Lead position is a fantastic opportunity for a creative and highly motivated individual with demonstrable digital communications skills and a passion for economic system change. The focus of the role is to take the lead on WEAll’s social media channels, creating multimedia content and promoting engagement with a broad range of people.   

This position will allow the successful applicant to not only connect with individuals and organisations around the world with the same values, but to also support in moving from theory to practice by making the ideas needed for economic systems change accessible. 

WEAll recognises the need for greater diversity in our team and the economic systems change movement more broadly and is committed to addressing it. If you believe you would bring greater diversity to our team, we’re particularly keen to hear from you. 

What we are looking for 

We are looking for an individual who values supporting communities of practices and likes working in an online environment. They will have particular experience and skills in driving successful outcomes across digital platforms, with deep understanding of storytelling and persuasive techniques, and how different audiences respond to communications approaches. The post holder must be adaptable, creative, good at self-management, and – due to the nature of our small, flat-structured charity – willing and able to turn their hand to a range of tasks and projects as required. 

Key activities and deliverables

  • Managing the WEAll social media channels (focus on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn), creating multimedia content and promoting engagement
  • Overseeing the WEAll website – managing website structure, content, SEO, analytics, troubleshooting and strategy, and supporting WEAll Hubs with their pages
  • Contributing to/ supporting the delivery our communications and narratives strategy to enhance reach and impact in line with our theory of change
  • Creating and managing high-quality graphic and video content 
  • Writing and editing high-quality written content 
  • Working with creators like e.g. illustrators, graphic designers, videographers for WEAll papers, events, and other projects
  • Provide ad-hoc support to events promotion and coordination 
  • Working with WEAll Ambassadors and managing influencer partnerships
  • Manage WEAll’s brand and ensure we have a consistent look and tone of voice across all material
  • Supporting the Communications and Narratives Lead with video creation and editing (e.g. events recordings and publications)

Skills and Experience


  • Content creation and strategic management of various social media channels on a professional basis 
  • Successful management of WordPress websites and proficiency in website building, maintenance and strategic development
  • Advanced graphic design skills
  • Video creation and editing skills for social media 
  • Knows how to work well with freelancers
  • Experience editing the work of others
  • Writing to a high standard for online audiences
  • Fluent in English 
  • Use of Canva or similar graphic design tools to develop engaging visual content for non-designers
  • Understanding of and interest in the need for transformation of the economic system


  • Professional experience in a purpose-driven organisation working on communications for behavioural, policy or other positive change
  • Facilitation of webinars and workshops
  • Speaks additional languages
  • Degree or qualification in relevant subject(s)
  • Working knowledge of Wellbeing Economy ideas and concepts  
  • Experience working with individuals and groups from diverse backgrounds
  • SEO management and Google analytics (or similar analytics) 
  • Experience with audio editing and/or podcast production

Who we are

The Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEAll) is a collaboration of organisations, governments, movements, thinkers, and changemakers from around the world who are committed to transforming our economic system to deliver social and ecological wellbeing. 

WEAll emerged out a recognition that the economic transformation we seek cannot be brought about by any single entity on its own. It requires collaboration, inspiration, sharing, and especially co-creation. Our aim is not to micro-manage the change. We aim to galvanise and support new “power bases” from the local to the global level, which can illustrate that a different economic system is not only possible but is already under way

Our strategy:

To date, WEAll has focused on connecting, convening, and amplifying the incredible work happening within the Wellbeing Economy movement. There are many different concepts within the Wellbeing Economy movement, such as circular economy, buen vivir, doughnut economics, business for the common good, community wealth building and many more. Each contributes a vital piece of a new economic narrative and system that recognises that people and the planet are not here to serve the economy, but that the economy is here to serve us

Central to WEAll’s strategy is the communications and narratives pillar, which aims to change the debate around the purpose and function of the economy. WEAll promotes the ideas of Wellbeing Economies globally through great communications, powerful and hopeful new narratives, and the amplification of members’ work through public engagement, social and mainstream media, blogs, art, music, videos, and other digital assets. 

What the WEAll global team offers

An opportunity to work with a highly motivated team committed to accelerating economic system change. A team that holds fast to a set of dedicated values: Togetherness, Care, Trust, Equality, and Passion, through a flat organisational structure. This is WEAll’s core ‘amplification’ (Amp) team

WEAll recently became an accredited Living Wage Employer in the UK, and Ontario, Canada, reflecting our commitment and responsibility towards our team. In addition, we worked with relevant organisations across the other locations where we operate to ensure we meet the requirements, regardless of the accreditation process. 

Start date:  8th May or as soon as possible
Remuneration:  42,000- 47,000 GBP per annum (dependent on experience and the cost-of-living in the country of residence) 

Hours of work: The nature of this role is that flexibility in hours is required. For example, there will be some evening work and need to accommodate meetings with other time zones, plus travel occasionally. Equally, WEAll offers flexibility. As WEAll has transitioned to a four-day working week, the contracted hours will be 32 hours per week, which can be worked on a flexible basis. Please note that WEAll does not officially operate on Fridays.  Note that this is not pro-rata, but rather 32 hours for the advertised remuneration.

Location: Our team is global and we very much encourage and welcome applications from anywhere in the world (working from home). We support and provide an additional remuneration for team members to work in co-working spaces. 

Application Process

We are working to reduce unconscious bias in our recruitment processes and increase diversity of all kinds in our team. With this goal in mind, we will be conducting an anonymised application process, where the names and personal details of applicants will not be shared with the panel who will be assessing and shortlisting applications.

As part of this process, in lieu of a traditional CV and Cover Letter, we are asking applicants to answer four questions to help us gain a better understanding of your relevant skills, motivation, and proposed approach to this role.

Please fill out this application form with your answers to the following questions by Monday 10th of April at 23:59 UK time: 

  1. Can you provide an example demonstrating your ability to create content and strategically manage social media channels? Walk us through a successful campaign you have managed on social media, your strategy, what channels you used, the results you achieved. Also, please provide in the attachment an example of a piece you created for such a campaign.
  2. Can you share an example of a time when you had to use your graphic design and/or video creation skills to communicate complex ideas to a wider audience and the results you achieved? 
  3. Why are you passionate about economic systems change? What experiences led you to the Wellbeing Economy movement? 
  4. Can you share an example that demonstrates your understanding of diversity and inclusion and how you are committed to build on these values through your work? 

Note: WEAll is simultaneously recruiting for an Engagement Lead (job description can be found here). If you want to be considered for this role as well, please complete the relevant questions and indicate which role would be your first choice. 

If you have any questions or if you feel you could succeed in this role but don’t have all the characteristics we’re looking for, please get in touch with Anna Chrysopoulou, Operations Lead, on 


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