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July WEAll Talk: Donnie MacLurcan “The More Beautiful World Your Heart Knows and Desires”

Shaping the Future – Australia 21 Conference with Katherine Trebeck

Health and Environment Policy for a Wellbeing Economy June 2021

On June 18 the authors of the Health & Environment Paper (https://wellbeingeconomy.org/wp-conte…) hosted a Q&A with Lorenzo Fioramonti. This webinar provides an overview of the paper and dives into the practical implementation of policymaking with a health and environment nexus.

Lena Ski WEAll Talk May 2021

Structurally speaking, what are we creating?
We’re here because we want to build something different, meaningful and of truevalue.

An overview of the Policy Design Guide WEAll published in March 2021,

with lead author Amanda Janoo.

Exploring the intersection of biological and socioeconomic issues in the time of Covid-19
Lebohang Liepollo Phekho

WEAll Talk – March 2021

Making Systems Change Happen:
Evidence-based hope from doing the hard stuff in tough places
Irene Guijt & Ruth Mayne

WEAll Talk – February 2021

Embracing diversity and participation to re-imagine the purpose of an economic system:
the beginning of the WEAll CAN story.
Yannick Beaudoin

WEAll Talk – January 2020

Design Justice: Intentionally Co-creating Wellbeing

Vicki-ann Assevero

WEAll Talk
November 2020

The International Struggle around supply chain laws and corporate impunity

Thomas Dürmeier

WEAll Talk
October 2020

Measuring Wellbeing

Rutger Hoekstra

WEAll Event

How Narratives Facilitate Change

Rina Tsubaki

WEAll Narratives Series: part 1

7 Bold Strokes to Save Our World
Bob Willard

WEAll Talks
September 2020.

What is blinding economists?
From neoclassical to ecological economics.
Mariana Mirabile

WEAll Talks
May 2020

How do we influence our internal narrative.

Jackie Thoms

WEAll Narratives Series: part 2

Ethical World Trade.
An alternative to Free Trade and protectionism.
Christian Felber

WEAll Talks
July 2020