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Until 20th December, all donations over £50 will be entered into a draw to win special bespoke prizes.

  • Donations between £50-£99.99 will be entered into the draw to win signed copies of The Economics of Arrival by Katherine Trebeck and Jeremy Williams, or A Finer Future by L Hunter Lovins, Stewart Wallis, John Fullerton and Anders Wijkman.
  • Donations of £100 or more will be entered into the draw to win a bespoke webinar or coaching session with members of the WEAll Amp Team and WEAll Ambassadors.

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Why is WEAll fundraising?

We need resources to continue and accelerate our work in order to meet the demand for wellbeing economy ideas and solutions.

We also need a broader funding base to ensure our ongoing sustainability: that’s where you come in.


Since WEAll (the Wellbeing Economy Alliance) launched in spring 2018, the organisation, the network, and the idea of a wellbeing economy have been going from strength to strength.

People are hungry for an economic system where nobody is left behind, and to learn about the pathways that will get us there.

The team coordinating WEAll calls itself the Amplification (Amp) Team because our purpose is to amplify the amazing work that’s already happening around the world to transform economies. We’re a small team with big ambitions.

Those ambitions are shared by more people every day – and we need more funds to keep up with that momentum.

WEAll is asking for public donations for the first time so that we can:

  • Meet the demand for practical change by developing and promoting the knowledge base for what a wellbeing economy is and how we get there
  • Continue connecting and amplifying the movement for a wellbeing economy, growing our broad membership base which already includes over 100 organisations
  • Develop a new economic story to underpin the change we all need, ramping up the work of our narratives groups around the world
  • Cultivate new and existing place-based hubs and the thriving Citizens network – connecting individuals anywhere to the wellbeing economy movement
  • Deliver projects with our members to take tangible steps towards economic system change

To date, WEAll has been fortunate to receive funding from individual donors and foundations. However, by itself, we know that to be necessary but not sufficient if we are to continue to drive our work forward.  We need to diversify and expand our funding base.

That’s why we’re launching the first ever WEAll fundraising campaign: asking everyone who believes in the need for a wellbeing economy to contribute and help make it happen.

WEAll is about being greater than the sum of our parts – and a large number of modest donations is our ideal funding scenario.

By donating what you can, you’ll be supporting WEAll’s ongoing work and our future expansion. More importantly, you’ll be demonstrating the demand for and commitment to economic system change.  Monthly donations would be very welcome as they enable us to plan into the future.

We all deserve an economy that works for people and planet. The WEAll team is working hard to make this vision a reality: donate today to be part of it.

By Katherine Trebeck, WEAll Knowledge and Policy lead

Ideas can change the world. And misplaced ones can hold back progress. Myths and half truths about economics influence decision making across government and in business, and there are fundamental flaws in how economics is invariably taught.

To build an alternative and underpin the transition to a wellbeing economy, we need a strong and coherent knowledge and evidence base. Much is already known about what policies and ways of doing things need to change to change the world. But the theoretical base is disparate and would-be practitioners lack useful guidelines for implementation. The knowledge is scattered and often inaccessible.

So, what’s WEAll doing?

WEAll – via the Knowledge and Policy cluster – is helping bring together and promote wellbeing economy theory and practice.

We’ve been producing a diverse suite of knowledge products accessible to all sorts of practitioners, policy makers, and interested individuals.

We’ve gathered some of the most exciting and well-regarded thinkers on aspects of a wellbeing economy in a WEAll Research Fellows Network. Their work explores all corners of a wellbeing economy. They will contribute to the various publications WEAll is curating. Their expertise will be drawn on to help practitioners and politicians seeking to create a wellbeing economy.

We’re developing plans for an online interactive library. Interested people will be able to find their way to the most useful material for their interests, needs, and level of awareness.

We’re commissioning synthesis of the current state of the knowledge base in various areas of a wellbeing economy in our series ‘WEAll Ideas: Little Summaries of Big Issues’.

We’ve outlined how the wellbeing economy would deal with and respond to a range of issues, topics and challenges (and how this differs to the response of the current system). This provides an ‘at a glance’ insight into a wellbeing economy (see

We’ve published dozens of blogs, authored papers and articles for a range of outlets and even some books. We’ve also given media interviews; recorded many podcasts; and given presentations in many different countries to a range of audiences. You can see these featured in the WEAll news updates.

We’ve been active in policy influencing – speaking at All Party Parliamentary Groups and holding meetings with civil servants and members of parliament.

Leadership built on ideas

And of course WEAll instigated the Wellbeing Economy Governments partnership that was the ‘big idea’ at the centre of Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister of Scotland’s 2019 TED talk. We have ongoing liaison with the civil servants leading this work and are supporting the engagement of additional members.

Without the ideas, energy, guidance, expertise of our members, this work would be slow going. Instead it has momentum and ambitious plans.

With your help, we can build on our strong start and sustain this work to build solid roots for the wellbeing economy movement.


Right now, WEAll is running our #WEAllGive fundraising drive so we can keep broadening the movement and developing the knowledge required to drive change.

Donate today to help make it happen.

Mosaics create an image from many small, beautiful pieces.

Recently, I’ve been using the metaphor of a mosaic more and more to describe our work with WEAll.

Because WEAll is not just one organisation trying to drive a campaign.

WEAll is a global collaboration of organisations, alliances, movements and individuals. And we’re working together to transform the economic system into one that delivers ecological and human wellbeing.

It’s vital that collaboration and togetherness define our destination and also how we get there. The transformation required calls for an entirely different way of being within human society: as it said in the video, a shift from “us vs them” to “WE All”.

So, this mosaic idea was the inspiration behind the new video made by our dear friends at Create the Remarkable. It features, then fuses, video content from over 50 WEAll members around the world. They’ve done a beautiful job of celebrating the diversity of our collaboration whilst showing how it all comes together.

These members tell us every day how valuable it is for them to be part of a broader movement, and to be connected through WEAll. Right now, we’re running our #WEAllGive fundraising drive so we can keep broadening the movement and providing that support.

Donate today to make it happen.

P.S. Check out the video in Spanish here. Mira el video en español aquí.

By Lisa Hough-Stewart