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O que é a Economia do Bem-Estar?

O que é a Economia do Bem-Estar? A Economia do Bem-Estar assenta na ideia que a Economia deve estar ao serviço das pessoas e das comunidades, potenciando uma atividade económica que maximiza os impactes positivos e minimiza os impactos negativos, sempre com respeito pelos limites do planeta. Coloca as necessidades fundamentais das pessoas e do […]


O que fazemos?

O que fazemos? Somos pessoas, organizações civis, instituições e empresas unidas pelo propósito comum de trabalhar para transformar o modelo económico atual, assente no paradigma do crescimento contínuo, extrativo e consumista, que já demonstrou ser incapaz de dar resposta às necessidades essenciais das pessoas, num outro modelo social e ambientalmente mais justo: a Economia do […]


¿Qué es la Economía de Bienestar?

¿Qué es la Economía de Bienestar? La Economía del Bienestar se basa en la idea de que la Economía debe estar al servicio de las personas y las comunidades, fomentando una actividad económica que maximice los impactos positivos y minimice los impactos negativos, siempre respetando los límites del planeta. Pone en el centro de sus […]


¿Qué hacemos?

¿Qué hacemos? Somos personas, organizaciones civiles, instituciones y empresas que nos unimos con el objetivo común de trabajar para transformar el modelo económico actual basado en el paradigma del crecimiento sin límites, extractivo, alienante y consumista e incapaz de resolver las necesidades esenciales de las personas, hacia otro modelo social y ambientalmente más justo: la […]


O que é o WEAll Iberia?

O que é o WEAll Iberia?  WEAll Iberia é um espaço inclusivo e aberto cuja missão é ligar, coordenar e promover ações a todos os níveis do movimento da Economia do Bem-Estar na Península Ibérica, a fim de criar uma massa crítica de pessoas e organizações que a tornem uma realidade. Concentramos a nossa ação […]


¿Qué es WEAll Iberia?

¿Qué es WEAll Iberia?  WEAll Iberia es un espacio inclusivo y abierto que tiene como misión conectar, coordinar e impulsar actuaciones en todos los niveles del movimiento de la Economía del Bienestar de Iberia, para crear una masa crítica de personas y organizaciones que la hagan realidad. Nos enfocamos en los 4 P’s de:  Propósito […]


Amsterdam Impact – A local government initiative to make the impact economy the new norm

Amsterdam Impact, which recently became a member of the Wellbeing Economy Alliance, is an initiative co-created by the City of Amsterdam with diverse partners to strengthen the impact entrepreneurship ecosystem, create systemic change locally and on an (inter)national level, and thus accelerate the transition to an impact economy. This new kind of economy focuses on […]


Scarcity and Growth

A blog to mark the 2022 reprinting of Richard Wilkinson’sPoverty & Progress: an ecological model of economic growth (1973) The early Seventies saw the take-off of the modern environmental movement, with the first Earth Day celebrated in 1970, and the publication of some classics of environmental thinking: of A Blueprint for Survival, The Limits to […]


The Wellbeing Reflex: Facing Covid with a 21st century compass

About this paper As the world’s attention slowly shifts away from the Covid-19 pandemic and the deep trauma and crises it produced, we are left to wonder what lessons we have learnt. Why were so many countries unable to safeguard the health and wellbeing of their people? And, even more importantly, what can we learn […]


What About Personal Policy?

Written by: Sandra Ericson There seems to be an intellectual allergy to developing policy for the practical knowledge needs of human life.  Policy sets out goals, missions, objectives, and visions, but policy does not make a life decision for you and me on a Tuesday morning. Personal policy does that, assuming there is one. This […]


Stockholm+50 Recap & Reflections

Written by: Lisa Hough-Stewart and Amanda Janoo One of the statements below comes from our latest briefing paper “This is the moment to go Beyond GDP”; the other was made during the Stockholm+50 conference last week by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres: “We must place true value on the environment and go beyond Gross Domestic […]



Written by: Alison Chopel So much of history describes the violent separation of people from land. There is the recurring story of people who arrive from outside with money and weapons to force people to change the way they use their land to nourish their own bodies. There is the recurring story of people who […]